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Icons, and widgets were actually made to look like real things. The drawing style used shading , shadows and different colours to make things look like the genuine object.

The "save" button, for example looked like an actual 3.5 inch floppy disc. A "new email" button looked like an actual envelope. It actually bulged.

Now, they tend to be simple line drawings. If we are lucky, they may be coloured in in the style of what a 5 year old can do. A trend has been to remove all colour from the oversized toolbar.

If you are able, please think on the toolbar from Microsoft Word or Excel. The current one has much fewer items in it because they are much larger. Beside some of them are tiny triangles that lead to more.

You may remember that buttons used to have dark lines on two adjacent sides. This was showing the shadows that would have occurred if there had been light coming from the opposite corner over a genuinely raised object. Now they are either gray/coloured rectangles or a line drawing without the coloured.

I said a long time ago that these things are not only harder to use but they look ugly and amateurish but, apparently because I was born in 1960, I have old fashioned visual preferences and habits so my opinions were not needed!

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