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"It just needed to get the shopper to answer the question, "How many years have you been married?""

What I did notice is the website saying 1 year anniversary = Gold, 2 year = Garnet, 3 year = Pearl. My Oh, My, they really want to condition shoppers into buying expensive and unnecessary bling, aren't they?

I thought it was pretty common knowledge that Golden anniversary is the 50th and Diamond is 60th. Pearl is 30th, and I don't think Garnet anniversary even exists:

Of course it's not so sexy (not to mention lucrative) to be promoting presents made of paper, cotton, leather, wood etc, not to mention with modern divorce rates the amount of people making it even to silver anniversary must be fast diminishing.

I guess they are trying to recreate the success de Beers had with associating diamonds with engagement rings in the 1940s:

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