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Australia reviews defence export controls, perhaps easing cryptography research


I've started a blog to discuss the DTC(Act) modifications being put forward to the Australian Parliament.

Having spent the last few years jumping through the Defence Controls around Cryptology, et al ( 13E, DTC(Act), Fairwork action, A.G.S.V.A. Data Breaches, Australian Signals Directorate delays and essentially requesting source code, Defence Export Controls ( who lost their Office ) delays, Australian Human Rights Cases, etc ), it's a much needed change to ensure innocent end users can obtain access to technologies to ensure a citizens privacy and not be sent to jail on the whim of a Minister in the sitting Australian Federal Government.

Current criminal penalties of up to 10 years in jail and .5 million in fines, for utilising software to ensure their privacy ( Cryptology ) is a ridiculous law effecting all within Australian borders.

Feel free to comment, send on, refer, etc.....

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