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"In fact we find the demand for speed less than what Labor anticipated."

lol so there is 50% on 12/1 then lol

"Greater than 80% of the community has determined that 25Mbps is an acceptable speed. I do not see you presenting a single argument to change this."

that's your only argument except for the original 50% on 12/1 you used to bang on about.

but lets look at the figures. we know with fttp it cost them the same to deliver 12Mbps as 100Mbps. So if nbn wasn't making any money from the 12Mbps of $24 it would be making $3 from 25mbps connection and so on. So using current uptake figures

12Mbps of 660,992 users $0

25Mbps of 1,202,274 users $3.6M

50Mbps of 89,240 users $.89M

100mbps if 296,312 users $4.14

So the measly 14% of current users are making more money for the nbn than the 80% you keep banging on about

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