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> No the reason you the copper fan boy switchef was becuase more people where choosing faster speefs than labor expected

The only speed tier that is higher is 25Mbps. The 100Mbps is half what Labor predicted and 250Mbps connections are tiny.

Consider this if speed tiers were removed on FTTN, the average speed would be higher than FTTP. Does that not demonstrate how badly Labor bungled the artificial NBNCo financial model.

> But then you copper fanboi supportof trying to blame lanor for the copper mess is humorous

The difference between the two plans will have little impact on end-users. >80% aren't ordering speeds greater than 25Mbps, so they will be fine. The small percentage requiring 100Mbps or faster have options: move or technology change. Considering the fact that technology change will almost certainly be less than stamp duty, staying put is an option.

I blame the selfish fibre fanbois who belieived Labor's promise of 1Gbps, failed to read that it would be for <1% in 2026. I blame the selfish fibre fanbois who don't care that only 14% and shrinking are on the minimum recommended speed for the applications (eHealth, eLearning, etc.) that Labor used as justification for the NBN.

If you are complaining about technology change bieng unaffordable then sadly you are destined to be on the poor side of the digital divide created by Labor's plan, which is appropriate judgement for your selfishness.

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