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Except that the percentage on each speed tier has barely changed since the additoin of FTTN, FTTB & HFC to the network. Sure a few people have been impacted, but as I've explained previously this is 14% on 100Mbps * 40% on FTTN * 70% estimated final connection rate = 4% of population. This 4% have options like moving or technology chnage.

Lol you know that fttn hasnt even got half of the people that can connect connected yet. Ahh yes the FOD thast was once famously claimed it would only cost $2.5k. Now its $15k - $150k

No the reason you the copper fan boy switchef was becuase more people where choosing faster speefs than labor expected

Lol thgats easy to explain. The network was only 1.5 uears into it being built and wasnt going to be cometed for a decade. Being about to easly upgrade to network to fast speeds without have tyo rio stuff out and put new stuff in. Just the ednd to end stuff. You know planing for the future not for what people are choising now.

But then you copper fanboi supportof trying to blame lanor for the copper mess is humorous

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