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> Cant understand why customers had to be more down speed tiers because fttn cant deliver said speeds lol.

Except that the percentage on each speed tier has barely changed since the additoin of FTTN, FTTB & HFC to the network. Sure a few people have been impacted, but as I've explained previously this is 14% on 100Mbps * 40% on FTTN * 70% estimated final connection rate = 4% of population. This 4% have options like moving or technology chnage.

> Tell me again why there isnt 50% on 12/1 right now cant use Telstra as an excuse.

The reason I switched to using the 25Mbps figure is that Labor planned for the 25 & 50Mbps speed tiers to shrink in size to a neglible amount. That hasn't happened. Secondly it highlights more succinctly the digitial divide that Labor's policy has created.

How about you explain why >80% on 25Mbps or slower is a great achievement for a 1Gbps capable network? As you do, remember that it is the fibre fanboi support of Labor's speed tiers that has lead to FTTN.

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