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"however I'm not a copper fan. All I've ever done is point out that Labor's choice to implement speed tiers has meant that >80% will be adequately served by FTTN."

4 years on and you are still bitching and moaning about labor. You are a copper fan boy. But then using your same figures 65% are choosing 25Mbps or higher. That's on a network only required to deliver up to 25Mbps and its not finished yet. Cant understand why customers had to be more down speed tiers because fttn cant deliver said speeds lol.

LOL still now facts behind the figures just your assumptions lol. Typical copper fan by stuff right there. did you times the about that added that figure and then go this whats going to happen?

"Do you see how I've responded with facts from publications approved by Labor that can be easily verified versus your unverifiable opinions? Might be time to learn how to research and separate wishful thinking from reality."

Tell me again why there isnt 50% on 12/1 right now cant use Telstra as an excuse.

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