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> Usual copper fan claim with no facts behind it

I could retort by responding usual fibre fanboi comment who still dreams of Labor's empty 1Gbps promise, however I'm not a copper fan. All I've ever done is point out that Labor's choice to implement speed tiers has meant that >80% will be adequately served by FTTN. If we want to change that situation then the first step is working out how to reduce that number, to a figure that justifies FTTP.

> The SR had it 6 months behind.

Which version of the SR? The NBNCo Corporate Plan (2010) on page 15 states the following figures for premises passed - 2011: 48,000, 2012: 259,000, 2013: 1, 2,69,000). The NBNCo Corporate Plan (2013) on page 105 states that in 2011 18,000 premises were passed and in 2013 predicted 205,000 passed, placing it 2 years behind plan.

In the 2013 NBNCo Corporate Plan there is this gem of a comment:

During FY2013 the average number of premises passed per day by the FTTP Access Network has increased quarter-by-quarter. However, the rate of increase has been slower than forecast in the 2012-15 Corporate Plan, resulting in a revised estimate of 155,000 to 175,000 Premises Passed by 30 June 2013, representing an expected shortfall of approximately 111,000 to 131,000 premises passed to 30 June 2013, which NBN Co expects to recover before FY2021.

> Usual copper fan tripe commented before on couldn't be bother tto do it again

Do you see how I've responded with facts from publications approved by Labor that can be easily verified versus your unverifiable opinions? Might be time to learn how to research and separate wishful thinking from reality.

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