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Where Microsoft is surely shooting itself in the foot (again) is requiring brand new PCs on Windows 10 for VR to work.

That said, I checked the VR systems on Microsoft's own site and they do have quite a few that are 6th-gen i7s, so my PC could likely be a viable platform if I were to allow that bastardized abomination of an OS near my hardware (which I will not).

If I ever decide to invest in VR, it will be when Linux can run the thing and there is some compelling use for me. At this point in time, there may be a way to run VR on Linux, but there is nothing that I find interesting enough to try, let alone put money in.

So let Microsoft and the others faff about with that. The more money they put into it, the closer down the line there might just be the possibility that it could be of use to me under my own conditions. Not that I care anyway.

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