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nbn™ adds premises to FTTC, HFC, slims down FTTN build

Carl D

What's with all the NBN ads on TV the past couple of weeks? And the glossy NBN brochure that came in the mail last week (the same one that was in our West Australian newspaper a few days earlier)?

How much is all this costing? Unbelievable!

I guess the Federal government is in "damage control" mode regarding the NBN at the moment considering the mess that Malcolm Turnbull has made of it.

And, anyone who doesn't believe it is a total mess only has to read through the NBN section of the Whirlpool forums for starters to see how bad it is.

Fortunately (for me) I live in the last street in my Perth suburb (Rivervale) to get fibre to the premises 2 years ago. Funny thing - well, not really - is that we're in a complex of 4 duplexes which run from one street across to the next. The 6 units in 3 of the duplexes (including mine) at one end got fibre to the premises and the 2 units in the last duplex at the other end are getting fibre to the node which is only just being activated now, 2 years after we got our FTTP.

And, our duplex is actually closer to the street that is getting fibre to the node but because our street address is the street with fibre to the premises, that's what we got. Thank goodness.

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