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> Incompetent twats. Morrow should have his 457 visa cancelled and replaced with someone who is up to the task of rolling out the fibre.

Would you suggest Quigley who was years behind the original plan?

Did you happen to notice that NBN is ahead of targets set in earlier plans? Something never achieved by Quigley.

> Why is the FTTP connection $4,400 when NZ FTTP costs about that same as OZ FTTN? Is morrow even more incompetent than originally thought?

Possibly because of the way that Quigley under instruction for Labor planned the build?

> ... usual tripe

The fact that the percentage on 25Mbps or less is close to where it was before the first FTTN connection.

How about you offer some suggestions for the changes (beyond FTTP) which won't have any impact on >80% to resolve your concerns?

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