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nbn™ adds premises to FTTC, HFC, slims down FTTN build


Feed the nbn my icon.

Maybe if I'm lucky they will come and take the shitty green box away and replace it with FTTC (or K). The build started end Jan beginning Feb, completed end May, email received saying it went live June 2 and since then all I have is a email from my ISP saying they have had a "bump in the road". So that is now 3 months where nbn has been unable to get a fully wired Node to work. Incompetent twats. Morrow should have his 457 visa cancelled and replaced with someone who is up to the task of rolling out the fibre.

Why is the FTTP connection $4,400 when NZ FTTP costs about that same as OZ FTTN? Is morrow even more incompetent than originally thought?

Now we just have to wait for Mathew Ashwood to come and paste his usual tripe.

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