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Don't like replying to myself but I realise I failed to reply to Asay's jibe about open source and innovation. It can certainly be argued that open source can discourage feature innovation because it effectively precludes commercial exploitation by being free. If your only business is selling software you develop then going open source will kill your business.

But, as has been pointed out many times, selling software is not the only way to make money. I see an increasing number of companies happy to use open source stuff and pay for support, improvements, etc. This isn't the case for everything but you see it with some of the larger projects such as Postgres. Google is not planing to sell TensorFlow, it plans to sell computing time to run TensorFlow. Going open source reduces the barrier to entry by making it free to use locally so that people can get familiar with it.

Then there are the many open source projects that have driven innovation in the industry. We probably wouldn't have the internet we do without BSD unix and that was development without a market. Sams goes of course for the programming languages we all use. The real value of open source is the possibility of peer review, which is increasingly important for security reasons.

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