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I wonder...

What would the impact to EU businesses be if Google just stopped serving links to other sites at all. Alphabet may want to run the world, but maybe let the EU go? I hear it's on it's last legs anyway.

What if they turned Google EU into a Google service search engine? There's no fundamental law of the universe that says Google HAS to index the internet, that's just what they chose to do. Its unclear to me why, if I want to search the internet for "some product", Google has to show me any links related to "some product" that aren't just Google's own services.

The EU has already made it clear Google is NOT for indexing the entire internet, only what they think is OK to show (e.g. right to be forgotten). If Google just made no claims it was showing you everything it knew about the internet, and made it explicit it was only showing you what it wanted to show you, wouldn't that be legit? Sure, some people would leave Google, but lets be honest, most people just don't care as much as EU regulators.

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