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Angus Cooke

Re: People have been trained in Machine Learning since the 1980s

Machine Learning most certainly is nothing new, the phrase originally coined even earlier by an engineer at IBM. The problem I have with it is the hype surrounding it's links to AI - despite recent large scale developments and neural networks it's still nothing more than clever algorithms and code just doing what it's been programmed to do. Yes, neural network systems do this slightly differently but they are still essentially just a large collection of mathematical equations! True deep AI is still a huge unknown - the holy grail of creating something that can think for itself (i.e. sentience) is still a complete pipe dream. I'm not even sure the day man can play god will arrive - you are, after all, using the brain the recreate itself without a biological reproductive process. The brain is very good at inventing tools to ease repetitive work but I'm not sure it's capable of analyzing itself. We're better off looking for the self-diagnostics gene and it's associated activation button!

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