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Now, I need to put up a disclaimer: I don't use Solaris anymore myself and quite frankly I also seriously doubt that I ever will because seriously really dislike Oracle and the stuff they're doing. Fact of the matter is that I was a hobbyist Solaris enthusiast and because of that even maintained a license because that was my way of showing support for Sun (you could easily use Solaris free of charge as well).

Despite that I think this is still seriously bad news and why I've always been very skeptic about commercially driven open source projects. For simple reasons as shown here.... The drive is no longer to provide something good because you can. You no longer allow people to spend way too many of their evening hours to keep something going for the sole reason of "because we can" and because everyone enjoys it. Who cares if the audience is limited? It's all about the passion and the drive, of maintaining something good and doing it in a Unix-like fashion.

Instead the drive is money. And if something stops being a profit and risks turning into a loss (even if it's all theory and only on paper) then good luck to you. Heck, it often gets even worse. Remember that Drupal developer who got shunned from the whole project for extremely vague and peculiar reasons? No? He did, and the reason was none other than: "We didn't expel him because he's into SM and such, but we also won't tell you or anyone else (not even him!) what the real reason was either, so there!".

I've always wondered about the why part and honestly I can only conclude 1 simple reason: there's a huge company behind Drupal so if they see the slightest risk of something which could very possibly result in a loss then you can kiss your open source philosophies and any other moral motivations goodbye because greed will always prevail in the end.

In my opinion this is not much different. The company behind all this deems that "time = money" (quite a blasphemy within the world of open source in my opinion) and therefor this is no longer profitable so adios amigos!

Makes you wonder what'll be next. Oh, I know: FreeBSD, although quite popular in its own right, is probably hardly as popular as Linux is. I wonder how long it'll take them to axe that part of the project too. This may sound crazy now but with things like greed, commercial interests and such I wouldn't be surprised one bit if it actually happened.

Now, don't get me wrong here. I'm not claiming that they're doing something massively wrong. In a way I can even understand the reasoning behind this decision. Most of all: this is still an open source project so if people care enough about it they can always try and maintain their own Solaris fork of the whole thing and try to backport future patches themselves.

But that's not my point. The point is that in my opinion a true open source project hardly makes decisions such as these. It's not about "time = money" its about maintaining a cool project which can be run on anything that interests you or your userbase.

And I don't like decisions such as these, because generally speaking company / commercial driven interests are usually completely different from that of the regular enthusiasts.

NOT being driven by commerce and greed is what made open source projects great in the first place after all.

Or did you honestly already forgot about the time when Linux was in the same place as Solaris is in now? In that time and age when the open source community was far better off without projects like this in the first place. Because it wasn't about time = money, it was about maintaining one awesome environment (Linux in this example) because people cared and simply could. They believed in it.

THAT is what open source is to me. So yeah, I think it's a sad day indeed when an open source project gets driven by greed and all the nastiness that comes with it.

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