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Australians still buy 100,000 feature phones a quarter


I use a phone and stick to it. As other mentioned, no need to recharge it twice a day, it works well to... phone. It has a keyboards with buttons, so i don't even have to look at it to answer a phone (or find a name in the directory, I usually can blind type).

It is robust, it will last 2 years at least (unless I step on it), it will support falling from my shirt pocket on a regular basis, it's secure, it is not fancy so no one would want to steal it from me, it is small and light enough and still allows me to make phone calls...

And I am never far away from an Internet connection and a proper computer, and when I am not close to one, I am in an environment where I don't need any, like swimming, taking a walk, going to the super market, to the movies... Any information that cannot wait a couple of hours before checking is not really worth checking; if I cannot remember to run the google search when I go back home, obviously, I did not really care for the result in the first place.

OK, I also have a smartphone that I use as an expensive mp3 player and sometime as GPS receiver, but it has no SIM in it.

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