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IETF moves meeting from USA to Canada to dodge Trump travel ban

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Before you call the kettle, pot, did you read the article on the link provided about Stenberg?

(the fractured quote is intentional...)

I have to ask... if he didn't do the pre-approval, would he still have been denied boarding?

(Free clue... could be an IT fsckup not the TSA or DHS muck up)

To be clear, the IETF is making a political statement by doing this. They are citing an unknown where there is no evidence of any more travel bans. That's like saying we're going to host the meeting where people can travel by ship or train so that we can avoid air travel due to the risk of a plane falling out of the sky.

Now that's plain silly.

I hate to use the term libtard, but that's exactly what you have here.

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