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While we have a piss weak captain at the tiller, we'll just go from problem to problem with no resolutions. He is too gutless to stand up to companies, even the government owned NBN, just let them self regulate, the marketplace will sort out any problems.

Listening to Shorton on Q&A, he said they will not replace existing copper installs, but, at one point said they will install more FTTP. But he was dithering a lot through the show, so I don't think even he knew what he was saying. He was pushing slogans, when he could have been selling quality fibre.

The financial windfall will be savings in future maintenance. There will also be increasing efficiencies as they install more fibre.

I'm sure there will be efforts in the future to bring the whole network up to a good standard. Maybe some gold plating before selling it off for a loss to private enterprise.

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