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Cars are a lot faster than they used to be, and there are more of them about. Here is a list of 'data management' feature your car probably has. You've probably used some of them without even realizing it:

Brake servo

Adaptive power steering

Adaptive cruise control, adjustable, with various warnings

Electronic throttle (or more likely, fuel injection programming), for the

Stability control

Traction control


Automatic braking after a collision to prevent run-on collisions

Tyre pressure sensors


Seatbelt pretensioners

Lane detection with or without steering input

Blindspot object detection

Parking sensors

Ice warnings

Driver drowsiness detection

Intrusion detection & immobilization

Automatic hazard lights and emergency calls after collisions

If you do get a fast car without all these features, or you want to turn them off, then drive on the track, aka test/dev, where you can't hit anything. Track driving is a legitimate use case. It is also specialized and unusual.

Your OS has maybe two of these features. Your apps are drunk, libidinous teenagers who want to borrow the car. You figure it out.

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