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jesus. how difficult is it? its not like email interfaces do very much is it?

Hm, have you ever heard of the command line ? I assume the guy was using pine, a command line email client .... does not use 1Gb of RAM, 15 dialogs, 25% CPU time to display the contents of your 5Gb email folder ...

For Foutlook, you need a "pointing" device, so you waste time moving hand to mouse, to keyboard, to mouse .... when you type fast and use a command line email client, you get more shit done ....

During a migration of this kind, you also have to ensure the guy knows how to use Windows, which, given this story, was CLEARLY not the case ...

You know what, switch to pine for a week, enable IMAP on your Exchange and use pine ... since you can only type with two fingers, panic when you see a blinking cursor and are lost without a mouse, let us laugh two minutes .... now please, STFU, you have NO CLUE!

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