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End-user - while it is understandable that he was upset when he thought he had lost all of his email, he did himself no favour in blasting the IT department.

For the 1000th time, this guyz HAD WORK TO DO, REAL WORK TO DO, AND WAS LEFT IN THE SHIT.

When you plan a migration, you plan TRAINING! His mail was transferred and the employee who did the transfer left on vacation the day after, big no-no, never, ever do you do such a thing. The guy apparently NEVER received adequate training, could not access his work for TWO WEEKS .... these guyz have high wages, they cost plenty per day, in this case DOING NOTHING ...

IT support personnel, seriously, STFU, Newt F'd up big time, more so his manager, and the entire IT team while Newt was off ... fact, undeniable fact. Typical arrogant Window Cleaners and Surface Experts, I have the same bunch ... too F'ing stupid to put together a working routing table, I work remote, use my own .... Ok, we have subnets in multiple continents which complicates things, slightly, but still ... "man route" + 5 minutes and I am done, not my job so "I am not used to doing it and do need to read the man page" but at least it works ....

You generally know your IT team is a bunch of morons when they favor Windows .... old fart, here, verified at multiple employers ...

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