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Linux-loving lecturer 'lost' email, was actually confused by Outlook


>As opposed to an admin who thinks he's above user preference?

Extensions isn't a user preference, that's decided by OS and software makers. A bit like putting bleach in a bottle labeled milk.

Who are you to dictate file extensions?

>Admins don't it's the software makers

>What if he didn't want to use them at all?

What if he wanted to drive on the other side of the road.

>What if he had never heard of those particular extensions. What if another program used the same extensions?

That's why you don't make you own extensions, as he picked one which meant this is not need and can be deleted.

Not that I go around deleting files. But I do have to deal with people asking me to open files because they can't as the extension is wrong. So they get this file is corrupt or unknown file. Luckly most modern common files I can identify looking at the raw file as they have a 4 byte identifier. But not all software providers include sech an identifer in there file format.

Also I've seen backup software have default exclusion of file extensions of known temporary files. And of course emails clients and email security software will block attachments of a whole load of extension which identify files which contain code. A lot more than I can list.

Suprising how often this happens on an urgent email sent by someone as they just go on holiday.

These days with more of this stuff in the cloud your admin won't have control to override this. Cloud provider may say they just don't have that option. Like you can't send certain things in the post.

I think story was from a time when extensions where less standard and the risk lower.

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