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"[...] it's not a PHB, it's a salesperson and it's already written down and signed before it even gets near you."

Had that situation - where it was aggravated by a very senior technical person who tried to block our project's attempts to overcome the apparently insurmountable technical difficulties.

The memorable point was when we sent our office junior to the development centre with a blank disk - and a large bottle of whisky. His instructions were not to go near the main building - but meet an O/S development team contact at the machine room door. The disk and bottle were exchanged for a disk with the latest software update that we needed.

Our very experienced two man (and a dog) team's project was a success - and the customer was very delighted. We had met their expectations - and inside their "must do" timescale on which hung a major building relocation.

The obstructive senior technical person was backing another project with similar aims. That involved assembling a very large team - none of whom had ever worked on the system before. It was no surprise to hear they had eventually run out of time and funding and had abandoned their attempt.

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