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"The ones that REALLY annoy me are the ones who can't understand simple physics."

Ah yes, I worked at a place where the chief was a Salesperson. Said Chief had a number of cracks at changing the laws of physics with their considerable physical presence. Two events stand out in my memory. The first was a heated argument between said Chief and a usually quiet spoken very intelligent academic.

The Chief had decided that the product said academic had produced would be far better if it used an IR camera, the Academic disagreed because the whole point was to pick out dark colored particles in a light background. The academic did try to point out that an IR camera would simply measure temperature and therefore be no use in the application, and the discussion ended with much shouting from the Chief and the Academic quietly resigning.

The second stand out moment (there were a lot of memorable FUBARs in that brief 18 month stint) was when the Chief returned beaming from his latest sales trip, having flogged something that would be physically impossible to build, and on the off chance that we did make some magic happen it would be physically impossible to operate. Apparently the customer agreed with this assessment, but the Chef decided it was possible, and came back to base with a signed contract featuring a termination/non-delivery penalty clause. The Chief checked in on the engineering team who timidly and gently told him it wasn't possible... Some point later in the afternoon I had the unhappy experience of watching a very large and angry Chief trash an office, punching a few holes through the partition wall after a phone call with said customer.

It was an unhappy occasion because he came out of the office and bellowed lots of unpleasant things about engineers after cooling off a little.

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