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Wow, UI is HARD!

I sympathize with the various grumblers and rumblers, but the truth is that people are dumb and the only way to stop them doing something stupid is to make it impossible.

A certain large document company knew what it was doing when it put a Big Green Button on its products, along with a smaller Red, or sometimes Yellow one. The BGB tells the thing to do what you want it to do, the R/Y button tells it to stop. Add a green light to say things are OK and a red light to say otherwise, and you've got a UI that just about stretches the limit of what the average drone can handle.

Then along come Micros**t and their sales droids, convincing TPTB that everybody wants hugely intricate and "powerful" user interfaces, ignoring the fact that G. T. Tippler wants to sit down at a computer and have it show him/her what he/she needs to see without having to be asked, let alone launched, commanded and visualized. The document company had a similar problem, but convinced itself that the features were there to sell the machine, and the money, as in razor blades, was in the re-supply. MS has no such excuse.

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