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In a previous job, a lecturer stormed into my office, dragged me into a lab and tore me a new orifice in front of his students, because he claimed the PC's I installed were crap and buggy.

Seems he was trying to teach final-year Informatics students Visual Basic (!), and was having problems that were caused by his own incompetence with VB.

I handled that situation in a way that he didn't bargain for.

He expected me to justify myself and apologise to his students.

I just took over his class for a bit and answered questions from the students, while he sat at a desk fuming.

Sure, I had a good case for assault, and I could have raised a case with HR, but I figured the student feedback at the end of the module would sting a whole lot more.

"The sysadmin guy taught us more about VB in fifteen minutes than the lecturer managed in a term" was particularly satisfying.

Revenge is a dish best served on something they can't smack you over the head with.

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