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Oh I've been there done that. A one time employer was moving everyone from Groupwise to Outlook. My job as part of this was to go and help users slim down their mailboxes. Some people had only 1GB some had the full 4GB and there was normally no need to convert everything over. That included those NSFW emails with the large GIF attachments, powerpoint files where every version of a 10MB presentation up to and including the final one were there. So with one of the really heavy users I said we'd archive all those attachments from the year dot onto a CDRom (or six) and they'd be able to find them there. This wasn't really work stuff and therefore there was no need to keep it on any of our hardware but it was stuff she needed. We select the first lot of files that she really couldn't do without and put them onto the burner software. At her insistence we left the disc open so that she could add a text file with something relevant to the files in it.

I said I'd be back presently to do the next disc and went for a quick coffee. When I returned she was looking at me and shouted "All my files aren't on the disc!" I told her to calm down and explain what she meant by this please. She had taken the disc which had finished burning put it into her laptop (with a CDRom drive only) and couldn't see the files. She'd just deleted the files off her computer and now "everything is gone you IDIOT" This was in an open plan office with a load of people watching and I wasn't impressed. I opened the recycle bin and restored her files to where they had been to her utter amazement. I then took the disc out of her laptop and put it back in the CDRW drive and showed her that her files were on the disc. Explained that they wouldn't show up on her laptop until she'd added her text file and we finalised the disc. She said in a nice loud voice that I wasn't an idiot and she was very sorry then in a lower tone asked how I'd found her deleted files. She'd never seen the recycle bin before and found somethings in there that she thought were long gone and a couple of NSFW pictures a girlfriend had sent her that she'd "deleted straight away". Yeah she'd deleted them but not before she'd downloaded them onto her computer.

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