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Linux-loving lecturer 'lost' email, was actually confused by Outlook

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I seriously think Newt is an idiot for not understanding that we all have our strengths and that computer literacy is not a panacea ... would love to see Newt write a book on psychology ... New gui system for the guy, of course he will have to learn it ...

I once helped a doctor who claimed the page was all small in Word, simple zoom-in did the trick, that was easy for me, however, when I came to see him for a cough, I did not know what it was (what treatment was required), he took one look at my throat, listened to my lungs and nailed it ... we all have our strengths ... imagine the doctor taking the piss out of his patients all day (or treating them like idiots) because they are useless at medical diagnosis ?

Newt, you are an IDIOT!

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