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Linux-loving lecturer 'lost' email, was actually confused by Outlook

james 68

Worked in a TV company for a while and one git sticks in my mind.

He was always taking credit for other peoples work while doing none of his own and berating everyone else for being lazy and not good enough to work there, unlike him...yadda yadda.

Well, we were working on an outside docu series and I'd finished a number of possible intros and outros and this clown was supposed to be giving a presentation the next day to the execs and needed the intros to work into his speal.I personally took him the clips on an external drive and watched him copy them to his laptop.

Next day rolls around. He's exploding at everyone because he can't do the presentation because nobody had done the necessary work (the intro and outro clips), bosses aren't happy, outside execs aren't happy and everyone comes down on me.

After a lot of being screamed at (one of the bosses lost his voice he literally screamed so much) I finally got to telling them that yes, the clips are done, yes I had given them to the clown and no, I really didn't give a shit about keeping my job anymore if this was how I was to be treated. Cue clown screaming even more that I'm a liar and should be fired immediately.

Boss #1 who is actually a nice guy normally but who should never have been working in a tech related role nevermind in a senior position shows some sense and says "If you're so certain that the files were put on the clowns laptop then we should have a look and see" only for no files to be found.

After much more being screamed at and the clown egging everyone on, I made them an offer. We would run undelete software on the laptop, if it didn't find the files they could have my resignation there and then, if it did find the files then clown would be gone or they could fire me because I would not work with him again.

Clown starts arguing that the laptop is his property and has personal details on it that I shouldn't be allowed near so we couldn't run the software, I point out that the laptop is bought and paid for by the company and has only been allocated to him... anyway software is run files were found and timestamp on the delete is 5 mins before he was supposed to give the presentation - for which he had done no work and decided to blame his cockup on someone else.

He was fired that day.

I left about 6 months later because the whole damned job had turned toxic because I'd caused boss #2 & #3 to lose their little brown-nosed arse polisher.

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