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Other staff have just the same responsibility to learn how to continue to do their job, be reasonable, respectful, and proportionate to the problem at hand, as we do.

I'm afraid that the words "I'm sorry, I'm not very good on these things, I don't know how... could I book some time for you to show me so I don't have to keep bothering you?" are frighteningly rare, despite being quite sensible, reasonable, realistic and actionable (I will move heaven and earth to do this for you, if you ask like that).

Instead it's "all IT's fault", we "shouldn't change things" (I'll just tell Microsoft that, I'm sure they'll listen), it's "not working", it's "stupid that we have to do this", etc. etc. etc.

Sorry, but it's a two-way street. If you refuse to learn, I can't make you drink at that water. It's not my job to ensure you want to continue doing yours, and part of your job is/was/should be keeping up with the processes necessary to do your job.

In the same way I don't expect you to blame me because I'm not up on the intricacies of the double-entry bookkeeping system and ledgers, I don't expect you to automatically understand how to write a Junk Mail filter in Outlook. But you can be damn sure that if it becomes a required part of my job, I'll be a damn sight more respectful and will INSIST on learning the tools I need to use rather than just expecting someone else to do it for me.

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