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Some people don't want to learn anything new. I had to deal with faculty back in the late 90s, and there was one guy in particular who was hugely resistant to change. He still had a VT terminal in his office next to his Sun workstation, because the VT terminal connected to an RS6000 just like it had for the past decade and he was used to it. There was a common filesystem and mail was accessible from either, but he was used to reading his email on that VT terminal.

It took an extra year longer than it should have to dump that aging RS6000 because he didn't want to let it go, and it took some extra convincing to prove to him that he could access his mail (using the Unix 'mail' command, because that's what he was used to, nothing fancy like 'elm' for him!) just as well from a terminal on the Sun as he could if we connected his VT terminal to his Sun like he wanted at first. Honestly the only reason I think he was willing to part with the VT was he was getting an SGI workstation as well and didn't have desk space for both of those and the VT! :)

The funny thing was he was a Comp Sci professor, and was doing cutting edge research in parallel programming. He just didn't want to be bothered to learn anything new outside his interests.

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