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Linux-loving lecturer 'lost' email, was actually confused by Outlook


been there - seen that - never been shouted at to that extent (yet)

collapsing folders and complaining that everything is gone - check

deleting emails/folders and complaining that they don't know what happened - check

dragging items/folders into other locations and not being able to find them - check

users (and helplessdesk staff) not being able to use the search function to find items - check

users complaining that the never received an email (and being proven wrong) - check

junk mail settings that the user configured causing emails to disappear - check

helpdesk staff restoring most of a mailbox because the user insisted that everything was gone (just moved) - check

users complaining that they are not able to send/receive email, because they have ignored the warnings every day for the last 3 months about the quota - check

Been in the game so long (as many of us have), that I have seen just about every form of stupidity users can come up with for email (not limited to Exchange and Outlook either).

I think that if I'd encountered that individual, he would have been told succinctly exactly where he could shove his attitude, before showing him exactly how stupid he was being.

Then I would have torn my boss a new one, and my colleagues, all while pointing out that we had backups of the PST files for this very reason (assuming he had actually lost any emails).

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