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Memory from a users group meeting: used hard drives for a dollar a meg.

My memory from a user group meeting long ago was a harddisk throwing competition. That was in the days of full height 5.25" drives :). This newfangled stuff would probably work in a competition to see how many times you could make it skip on a lake before it sunk, but I fear they won't fail in sufficient numbers to make that possible.

That said, these drives have a major advantage with their absence of moving parts - I may grab a few and see how well they age. They may be useful for storage*, and USB 3.1 makes them quite zippy to fill.

* No, not as a tape replacement because the cost per GB is still at the "stupid" level compared to tape. But for long term crypto key storage I think they could be just what we want because it's certain that if we need to go back to a older stored copy we'll be in a damn hurry..

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