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Sherrie Ludwig


As a cis gendered female, I am d*nmed TIRED of being told what I do well or ill is dependent on my gender. I suggest that if a company wants to hire IT workers, they audition them like musicians. In the not too distant past, symphony musicians were overwhelmingly male. Then, the auditions started to be conducted with a screen between the musician and the judges, and symphonies started to gain more women. For each applicant, pose a problem in the area being hired for, and ask the applicant what steps that person would take to begin to solve it. Do this online, before meeting the person, and have members of the department being hired for judge whether the applicant had the necessary knowledge for the task at hand. Weeds out the b.s. merchants, gets you a look into their analytical skills, and then you can interview to see if the personality is a good fit for the team.

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