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OK, but what if the facts you stated were true or positive? is it still racist?

You only have to look at the result of most marathons to see a host of Kenyan names. I think for all intense purposes you can say that Kenyan people do excel at some sports. I've read (skimmed) papers that talk about them having higher oxygen levels in their blood due to the altitudes they live in and the cultures of the villages there.

So do I get struck down for saying I think Kenyan runners are amazing? I used to do long distance running so I genuinely do think they're amazing!

This is where it gets interesting, If we are going to admit that there are differences between Kenyan runners and others, we have to admit that there potentially *average* differences between other races/sexes/demographic groups.

This certainly doesn't mean that if you were a coach putting together a track team you would discard all non Kenyan athletes but it does mean that even after you do proper selection trials it means that your team is likely to have a skew towards Kenyan athletes

There would be a number of athletes of other nationalities in your team who excelled and earned their place legitimately but if you said that I had to have only a certain percentage of Kenyan athletes so that I can be diverse then you are not going to win a lot of championships.

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