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I am currently doing Brain Mapping. As for Asperger's, that is directly connected to higher than average intelligence. It should not be considered a form of Autism. There are many who do not agree with the DSM-5 in that respect. It is really just a different way to perceive reality with extreme honesty. Not usually a bad thing. I should mention that I have taught children with both Asperger's and true autism.

When asked "Do you like my new green dress?" say "It looks good on you" (while thinking especially when you remove it)

For the most part I do agree with Simon Baron-Cohen’s work. Many people do not but that is a matter of opinion, not so much direct research.

Asperger's exhibits quite differently in women than in men. It also appears to be far less common in women. That would explain why far fewer women are interested in STEM. That is especially the case in engineering. Those women that do have Asperger's also seem to learn how to hide it far better than men. They still have it but it is not as obvious.

At the lab I work at the programmer is female. She has a master's in Computer Science. However she has no idea how to write code in Ruby and the Prof tells me neither does anybody else. Yet Ruby is really just Xerox Smalltalk on steroids. It is now being taught to children for Sonification, which I have also been using.

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