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Huh? You literally just made the argument that, in very highly competitive field (such as sprinting) that a small average difference between groups could lead to a very large bias. And then go on to ignore it when you say "Yes, there's a difference, but it isn't large enough to account for the wide disparity in men and women working in tech." The -whole point- of what you noticed with sprinting, is that a tiny average variation between sexes, when selecting the very best (many standard deviations above the mean) in a mixed pool, will lead to a large bias.

Let's work through a simplified example. Imagine such thing as a 'computer skills ability index' and when we measure a cohort of programmers, averages out for men at 1005, and for women at 995. That's a 1% difference. A tiny variation.

But Google only hire the cream of the crop. They will sift through thousands of applicants, and based purely on skill alone, hire the top ten. They'll hire the person with a skill index of 1500, then those with a skill index of 1499, then those with a skill index of 1498. It's only when we get down to the 1490's that women are going to approach the frequency of men in their hires.

It doesn't mean Google are sexist in their hiring. It's literally just a case of them hiring the very very best, combined with a small (but measurable) variation between the sexes which means those very very best are likely to be male.

And I'm sorry if you find that offensive, or if it goes against the mantra you've been brought up to believe that everyone is equal, but that's how things work out. And it's really quite disconcerting when otherwise intelligent people are unable to grasp this, as if something triggers in their brain that destroys rationality and the ability to reason, and makes them scream things that conform to groupthink and virtue signal for fear of being singled out or stigmatised. Exactly like what's happened with that guy who was fired.

Seriously... people at Google are saying things like "If I had to work with him, I'd be unable to stop myself from punching him in the face" and it's -him- that's the problem and not them?

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