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Well as its seems I the only one here who actually works tech in SF/SV..

You know Kieren , I've seen it happen before. Brits who back home kept a reasonably self aware attitude towards what they did professionally, in your case a tech-hack, who after a few years in the SF Bubble World of Ten Year Tourists started spouting all manner of bien pensant shite. Because thats what all the people they hung out with thought. And the transitory bien pensant of SF are a profoundly intolerant lot. So all you hear is pure GroupThink. I've had no end of amusement over the decades pointing out, in person, just how ill informed they are about the wider world. Talk about low information people. It seems you can be spectacularly rude to Yanks of this type if you have a British accent. And if you are over six feet tall.

And what you wrote is pure bien pensant shite. You have never worked in high tech. You have never been on a dev team. You have never hired up a team. You have never been on either side of the table in a business meeting with any (or in my case pretty much most of them) of the dev / tech companies in the Valley. You are quite simply a hack. Someone who mostly rewrites press releases and the occasional drunken gossip picked up at corp shindigs.

No shame in that. I've known lots of Brit hacks over the years, in my younger years hung out with a bunch of them who are now quite serious muck a mucks on the Street of Shame. Hell, I even married one. So I know exactly how the game is played. I have also worked in the Valley for decades. And have a serious pure science background. To be perfectly blunt a bunch of snarky put downs written by someone with zero science background (Mech Eng does not count) of a screed written by someone with a fairly heavy duty science background makes the snark look look a fool.

Sure, the nerds screed was unfocused and lacked rigor but it was not written for peer review publication. Sure, the author was a total tool for believing the touchy/feely bullshit from upper management. Whenever upper management start talking about anything, and I mean anything, that does not directly relate to product and customers you can be 100% certain ever single word they say is a complete lie and total bullshit. Its someone in upper / middle management playing politics. So its shutup, say nothing, and watch your back.

In a normal business situation I would without hesitation fire anyone who put into distribution a document like his. Politics like this, in any form, has no place in a business environment. Its toxic, utterly corrosive and very destructive. But as Googles upper management had recently decided to deliberately introduce the most toxic form of politics into their company its upper management who are completely and totally responsible for this cluster fuck. I hope he takes them to the cleaners for a very large 7 figure sum. Upper management need a visit to the tool shed for a salutatory beating to be reminded to just stick to business.

Which is a real pity as Google has so far been pretty unique in my personal experience as being the only large company in the Valley that was not infested from top to bottom with nasty back stabbing lying bastards. Post 1997 Apple being by far the worst offender. I've had multiple dealings with various dev teams in MV over the years and they always struck me as pretty nice straight talking people. Not quite as straight dealing as pre 1997 Apple or pre takeover Sun, but never in the I-know-they're-lying-because-their-lips-are-moving catagory as say, Oracle, Cisco and, of course, MS. Googles obsession with exactly one hour and not one second over meetings is rather bizarre though.

I'm going to enjoy my next visit to the 'plex down in MV. It will be interesting to see what the vibe is. Even though it is a Stanford company they tend to be fast learners. Pretty unique for a Stanford company in my experience. Stanford grads usually are the poster children for the highly credentialized Ivy League Idiot. So kind of like OxBridge people, but without their humility and charm.

And yes, I'm still a Brit. I was being sarcastic.

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