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My whole take on the gender gap is as follows... and I make no assertions into any kind of biological differences at all.

At this very moment in time, the gender/minority gap isn't going to be resolved... and trying to force it's resolution by hiring people of a specific gender/minority specifically because of their gender/minority status isn't an adequate solution. You hire the best people for the role in question regardless of their gender/minority status.

The problem lies with a more limited number of people from certain minorities and genders going into those lines of work in the first place... So that's where you have to focus your efforts and that is starting to happen. Far more efforts to encourage minority groups to get involved in STEM roles is being done now than in the last 50 years and that's a good thing... But it will not solve the issue at this present time... that will eventually balance out as efforts to encourage those minority groups to get involved/interested in certain lines of work take effect.

The rabid fanatics on both sides of this argument are all wrong, and all contributing to the problem. We as a species have allowed the internet to become a place of division, where everyone has a voice and immediately thinks that their voice is more important than anyone else's, especially if their opinion differs from whatever blinkered view they have. It's one of the reason I have withdrawn from nearly all aspects of social media, because it has become nothing more than a bunch of little elitist cliques reinforcing individual idealistic stereotypes that have very little grounding in facts and truth... Each of these cliques seek out only those that reinforce their particular beliefs and use those groups to viciously attack anyone who dares to disagree or offer a different opinion (regardless of truth or reason).

As for the former googler in question... Did he deserve to be fired... If it was a first offence then no.. he deserved the opportunity to be educated in facts and reason, given the opportunity to learn the realities of the world instead of spouting immature and incorrect stereotypes... But that wouldn't have appeased the rabid fanatics who only want to see heads roll to justify and reinforce their rabid belief systems.

tl:dr Having policies to hire minorities simply because of their minority status (be it race/culture/gender) is a bad thing, encouraging minority groups to get involved in careers they are historically under-represented is a good thing... and Damore should have had the opportunity to see the error of his ways and learn from his mistakes.. but it's a long term solution and won't fix anything right now. Which wouldn't satisfy the rabid fanatics regardless of which side they're on as they're all morons.

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