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At the risk of inciting... something..

People miss the point. Men and women are different in some ways. Races have differences. Individual people are different from each other. (thankfully) Some people epitomize the negative or positive stereotypes of whatever gender, belief system, or ethnic group they are in. If they didn't, stereotypes would die out. Some people find it hard to go beyond these things based on their upbringing or a bad experience with some group or individual that they have become fixated on.

I fail to see what any difference in gender, race, sexual orientation, or anything else would have to do with an intelligent, competent, reasonably sane person's ability to do their job as a developer, or any other job where a physical characteristic is not required for the job. Eg. you would not hire a paraplegic to be an NFL linebacker. I would assume that all Google employees have to go through a mostly unbiased testing and hiring process, and are hired based on their competency for the job, not superficialities such as race, gender, favorite Kardashian, etc.

Companies make a big deal about diversity. If you would have posited how important diversity is to me when I was in my early 20s and found myself in a different 'career' as a restaurant manager in a bad part of town, I would have laughed at you or made some snide comment. But the whole point of hiring diverse people is that the different viewpoints, experiences, upbringing, world views,and cultural differences give different approaches to solving problems and innovating. While companies often push this seemingly more to be perceived as doing the right thing than actually doing so, I do believe this to be beneficial to everyone, as long as there is truly no bias in the process, like requiring quotas of diverse people to the point of denying qualified applicants a job, while people that are less qualified are chosen to meet said quota.

I have personally worked with people of all races, genders, and cultures. One universal equalizer is that there good people and born assholes across all walks of life.

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