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Short version -

SJWAL Second Law: SJWs Always Double Down.

Long version -

"Digital Maoism", like any socialist movement, is very fragile. Any time things go wrong for them, it's an existential threat. The more their dam breaks apart, the more it's obvious it was made of papier-mache to begin with. There's desperation.

They can't wait it out quietly, because for the crybullies there's no middle ground - they either ride triumphant or will be flushed down the drain. So they crank it up. Like this:

Right now there's a moment of true unity (and revel in the knowledge that for a while they are safe from each other) in a rush to save the rotting corpse of Pink Terror (very paltry breed of Red Terror) - each does however much they dare: one sets a girl on fire, another swings a bicycle lock, Lena Dunham tier starts new witch-hunts, and Kieren McCarthy tier does not have status (inside or outside the pack) enough for this, so they advertise a case of successful disemployment as far and wide as possible.

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