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@Pompous Git, as the father of two daughters both at different points on the Autism scale I can and do see flaws in the suggestion that it is a male preserve. It has been suggested that those females with milder forms are batter able to hide their situation or that society is less ready to identify the traits. My daughters are somewhat diverse in their ways, one is simply unsuited to caring roles, though loves science and genetics, (she works in the medical field so knows how genetics and treatment plans can conflict), the other has rather bigger issues that limit her abilities more profoundly. Incidentally she has also demonstrated the conflict between her personal genetic make up and some pharmaceutical treatments, for a while she lost the ability to walk.

The issue here is generalisations, frankly I would make a terrible stunt woman, I would also make a hopeless stunt man, because of the way I am. Simply unsuited to that work because of who, not what I am, but I have done other things for almost 72 years. One thing I have learned to reject is the simple minded belief that individuals can be assessed by looking at a group and guessing.

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