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AFAIK IBM took (takes?) promising people and trained (trains?) them up to make damned sure they merited their future positions. It paid off handsomely.

These days you look around and see a lot of bright people from all sorts of backgrounds, and if they're choosing not to work for your company, or worse still not even choosing to specialise in your field of business, learn it at school, etc, that's probably because your corporate culture is unattractive.

Is changing the promotion / recruitment system a short term fix for the here and now? Partly, but it's definitely a long term play that needs to work, otherwise a competitor may well be getting those people instead. Plus no company, not even Google, can completely ignore their role and influence within the wider society.

Put it this way. A company like Google needs the best people to grow up wanting to get into technology so that they can work for Google. Google needs them to be yearning from their earliest years to work for Google. It's no use to Google if the best young people don't even bother to get into technology because they see it as having to work with a bunch of scumbags.

At this precise moment you have to conclude from the press coverage that there's little incentive in California / Silicon Valley to study technology unless you're white and male. Google seem to be trying to do something about that, a portion of their staff don't seem get it. That doesn't play well on the public / international stage, and if they don't sort that out Google may we'll have to get rid of a bunch of people and relocate their creative headquarters elsewhere.

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