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Casual Racism in The Register?

Briefly, on a tangent, do you know why Asians are such bad drivers? Or why Blacks are such fast runners? No, seriously, it's statistically true. Just look at the stats from the department of transport/athletics federation. I'm just pointing to the facts. Freedom of speech, man!

"Asian" includes Japan, and statistically speaking they're better drivers than Americans with less than half the number of fatalities per 100,000 drivers. Saying "Asians are such bad drivers" is indeed a stereotype, a malicious generalisation, a deliberate selectivity which, were one to actually be espousing such a view, would be considered racist. Especially as a Japanese guy won the Indy 500 this year.

Using stereotypes (and limited statistical "evidence" to justify the stereotype) to advance an opinion of how things are / should be gets peoples' backs up because they're almost always wrong, and easily countered. It's a special kind of stupidity that forces one to question why someone like that is allowed to enjoy the benefits of the society (job, internet connection, freedom of speech, etc) they live in, and be given the opportunity to be rude to their fellow human beings. The fact that such people often seem to be paid more than the people they're insulting is the real stinger.

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