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"I've just finished reading an article in the Guardian entitled ' Salma Hayek is right: compared with women, men are lazy and entitled.' And yes, the rest of the article reads as you might expect after that headline."

That's the article that finally pushed me off the Guardian. I was taking a break from my seven-day-a-week working (so that I can take off several months after my child is born), while my partner is on holiday as her job gives her six months off every year, to be told that I was lazy compared to her.

Go fuck yourself Julie Bindel.

Let's try that statement with some nouns replaced, shall we?

Compared with whites, blacks are lazy and entitled.

Compared with Aryans, Jews are lazy and entitled.

Compared with straights, gays are lazy and entitled.

(Those last two are true if one uses evidence the same way Bindel does.)

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