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Google and its terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week in full

Eddy Ito

Having driven in China, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan, and a few other places in east asia all I can say is that you really have to know your shit because it's a completely different style of driving than we are used to in the west. It isn't that they are bad it's that the cultural expectation for driving is different. Hell when I first came to SoCal from the east coast I was shocked at how bad the driving was but now I know it's just a different set of cultural norms where sweeping across five lanes of traffic and motorcycles whitelining at 95 mph because 70-75 isn't fast enough is more or less normal. The one consistent thing between the east and west coast is that directional are optional although they tend to be more of a last second warning on the west coast when they're used.

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