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It seems this is more of a case of 'two wrongs do not make it right'. The issue is conflating what the 'average' man or woman is with the actual person. They are distinctly different. One is a semi-imaginary construct based on 'averaging' observed behaviors (e.g. most women like... while most men like...). However, the individual person will exhibit behaviors that are some mix of 'male' and 'female' traits and behaviors.

Why women are underrepresented in Silly Valley tech positions is probably due to factors such as the tendency towards an abysmal work-life balance (all work- no life), pointless hyper-competitiveness, and extreme greed of the vultures. The net effect is to create a hostile work place not just for women but also many men who value an outside life. Other companies that value a work-life balance, do not reward pointless hyper-competitiveness, etc. are less hostile environments and there is a greater tendency to have a more balanced work force both in terms of sex and age. In my group (an internal programming group), the last four hires were men and women who were all over 50 complete with wrinkles and grey hair.

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