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As far as people resisting Windows updates - ask yourself: why is that? Perhaps these people were burned by an update gone awry before, and are now more afraid of the O/S vendor than of viruses and ransomware. That's not a pretty thought, is it?

How do I upvote something multiple times? When my Mac or my Linuxes boxes have updates, I never hesitate. Windows updates scare the crap out of me. We had an entire set of Lenovo "Made for Windows 10" laptops go belly up when Microsoft release their stupid Anniversary Update. All the users lost at least half a day trying to recover their machines, which for most of them involved rolling back the update. One user's laptop needed to be reimaged completely. Thanks to that little episode, I have outright banned Windows 10 at our workplace. I am going out of my way to find non-Win10 boxes and will continue to do so until I have no other choice. At which point I'm going to start calling Microsoft support frequently and demanding free support.

*I* am the sysadmin here. *I* am responsible for these machines, that means *I demand* control of them. If Microsoft wants to control my computers, then they damn well have to take responsibility for them too. They don't get to have their cake and eat it too.

At this point I use Windows 10 for exactly one purpose: To run a gaming laptop, because that's all Windows 10 is good for. Any time I need to do real work, I switch to a Mac or Linux box.

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